Damn, a whole year has passed since our very first article. Throughout these 12 months we have put enormous efforts into sharing & defending our analytical takes, as well as raising awareness of problems surrounding forex investments in general. Contrary to the previous ones, this article will be less analytical, and more focused on our "inner-feelings" and thoughts of what's next down the road. This one will be structured as chaotic as it gets, however, maybe that's not the worst thing.:)

Did You know that our average article is approximately ~1.950 words long? In school-terms, those would be 6 essays; imagine, 6 essays each month just about these rubbish MQL5 signals, that's just crazy. Each of these articles takes approximately 8-10 hours to be written, including analysis of different materials, visual representation and what not.

Typically, our readers ask us a lot of technical questions (about evaluation of trading signals or different materials) that can be answered on-the-fly. Time to time there are some more fundamental questions, which are more unusual, therefore, more interesting. Here are some of these:

  • Why does FX SUMO analyse only signals from MQL5 platform?

Trust us, we have been looking for reasonable alternatives for quite a time, still nothing.

FX Junction is monitored by even larger morons than MQL5 (surprise of the year), that platform is as garbage as it gets. The site as a whole has minimal subscriber-base, signals are idiotically bad (much worse than here on MQL5), and there is 0 possibility to filter out those few that would have any shot of being "average".

eToro is a solid alternative with some great trading signals, however, not accessible to Metatrader4/5 users. If this were to be changed, we would happily go over those month after month.:)

Darwinex is represented by some of the highest quality signals we have seen, but those signals can be copied only by users that are clients of a specific broker. Because of this, it is not a viable option for most of our readers.

Some platform missing? - if so, drop us a line, otherwise, MQL5 it is, sadly.

  • Have we been thinking about creating a platform for analysing and discussing Eas (trading algorithms) besides trading signals?

Eas are impossibly hard to evaluate, sometimes even the coders behind these can't recognize the problem(s) with their masterpiece. Over-optimization of backtests, not enough stress-tested money management, slippage problems, You name it. Can an outsider see through all of this? - nop, 0 chance. There are some groups and platforms that bring together individuals to share their takes, yet these are completely random and low quality.

Despite us having some experience when dealing with algos, we don't feel comfortable enough to educate others about proper testing/usage of these. Since the very first day FX SUMO has been narrowed down to analysing only trading signals, and we don't see any reason to over-reach the value we try to add through this blog.

  • Have we been thinking about creating a new segment, in which we would interview the authors of the most popular trading signals?

Interesting idea, however, it won't be implemented. There is no need to waste a ton of time preparing materials about a signal (and its author), which, most probably, won't even be around after a month or 2. We have seen signals dropping like flies, whatever the # of subscribers is. If implemented, this would be a segment about historically blown signals and the bullshitery that their authors tried to sell us (& our readers & their subs) at that particular moment - what's the point of having that? On top of all this, it's not like words and action would always go hand-in-hand, especially, with this group of individuals.:)

Did You know that, so far, our blog has been visited by ~12000 unique individuals from all over the world? Most represented are the following countries:

  • Will the blog remain free-of-charge in the future?

Yes, no changes expected there. For the past months we have been thinking about this topic, yet, there is no obvious solution that would seem reasonable from all-ends, so let's just leave it as it is.:)

  • Is our blog being sponsored by anyone?

Sponsorship payments? - sure, everyone loves our content.

This last picture is quite demoralizing, isn't it? - We have been thinking about this a lot lately.

Let's add a little more fire to this one. Here is the message we recieved some time ago from one of our readers (won't name him due to respect & dignity):

So, how should we react, tell us? - we put non-monetized effort in this content, yet, someone still dares to put fingers towards us, isn't this fun? Like, did the same individual actually contact the signal provider WHO RECIEVED HIS SUB-FEE for making these bad decisions? - for crying out loud, what gives anyone any rights to mock us for the advices we give here?!? We are making altruistic-like analysis, 100% subscribers and their interests orientated, without any monetization from all this, yet, here we are. 

Can we fully predict all the bullshitery behind each and every signal? -No. Did we urge anyone to join this or any other signal? -No; we provided our usual "cons/pros" analysis, leaving the end decision to all of You, readers. The value of this blog lies in ability to identify MOST OF over-hyped signals at their peaks and warn about potential danger/problems down the road. If we compare our successful calls with those that we got wrong, we are net-positive with very healthy "+". 

Has anyone came forward saying anything positive about our blog when Hamster 10001 versions blew up, causing massive losses across the board? - nop. Yet some of You have the guts to point in our direction after these - less successfull - calls go wrong. Isn't that a bit hypocritical? Like, are we the ones that recieve thousands of dollars for providing garbage quality service? - yet, sometimes the criticism we get (as this was not the only individual who has approached us in this manner) is even more aggressive than what the actual signal providers recieve. This don't make any sense at all, just none.

Can You guess which 5 articles have been read the most by our readers in the first 12 months of this blog?

1)Bloody August, discussion of trading Signals

2)Our Signal

3)Choosing Your Signal Provider

4)September – first division of signals

5)March Madness

We have spoken enough about our responsibility towards our readers. Let's talk a bit about readers' responsibility towards our blog.

We did previously identify our current "partnership" with our reader-base, which turns out to be a one-way street. Trust us, we are very much aware of this and this doesn't feel like healthy and sustainable partnership in long-run. Despite us not introducing any pricetag for all our efforts & materials, we definitely believe that there should be some ways how our readers support our content. 

Is it adequate that, out of 1000 monthly readers, only 3-4 care enough to share our material on MQL5 and other platforms? Is it too much to ask that after 10s of hours of our work You spare 30-60 secs to share our content with others? For crying out loud, is that really too much to ask to spread the word about our story&mission, especially, after cases when major signals brake down? - The fact that we didn't have atleast 200 new members on our Telegram group after Hamsters' blowup is major dissappointment and doesn't make any sense for us. 2000+ investors lost millions of USD, we warned about this months ago, yet... nothing. 

Hopefully, You understand where we are going with all this. We are not asking for Your funds or anything - just social influence about the work we do here every.single.month. It is important for us that You show that You care and support our cause. Yes, "Great article" messages are always welcome, but those simply do not cut it. From our perspective, sharing these materials on MQL5 is an absolute must for every single reader that supports our cause; You have other platforms to go with this? quora/reddit/facebook/fx discusion groups- great, make people to hear about us on those as well. We don't ask for much, just show Your incentive (cost free and not time consuming) and stay by us.:)

Goals for the next year? - We have identified a few of those, which should be reachable (with Your help):

  • Number of unique visitors -> increase from 12'000 to 30'000;
  • Increase in readers' advised # of signals (in monthly articles) -> increase from 7 to 15-20 on average per month;
  • Number of Telegram group participants -> increase from 350 to 1'000;

For quite a while we thought that the weakest point of our blog was its design. Maybe You have spotted (wink wink), but we have prepared enormous changes related to that, making our content more appealing and accessible to our followers. Currently our visuals are starting to match the quality of our content, thus, we expect quite a noise about our reworked homepage.:)

Guys, we thank You for support and positive thoughts. This has been one crazy ride - despite all shenanigans, we have enjoyed it and are looking optimistically in the future. Hopefully, You will stand by us!

Best of luck,