FX SUMO Diversified Portfolio

FX SUMO Diversified Portfolio is, probably, the most complex automated trading signal You will come across. The signal trades 19 different currency pairs across 45 different trading setups and strategies. Trading strategies are different, based on various methodologies, timeframes, risk tolerance values. Although trading is purely automated, on daily basis the performance is monitored by our team.

Our live-performance can be monitored on MQL5:

On monthly basis, our team will provide potential & existing investors with an in-depth analysis of our performance. The report for July has been prepared and can be downloaded below:

Hedging accounts are must-have to copy our Signal.

Do we have EAs that hedge their own positions? - no, not really. What we have, though, are 45 different setups that might trade against each other time to time, providing great diversification opportunities. While others use hedging to limit their losses, we indirectly use hedging principle not only to limit our losses, but also to increase our earnings. All of our EAs are independent and profitable, thus, while some of those are looking to profit on downside movement, there might be a one or two that will take the opposite direction and will look to make money that way. 

Notice from the authors.

  • all of the underlying strategies have been back-tested for 10-yr period and show significant promise. When testing, higher-than-usual spread values were chosen, in order to show potential performance in worse-than-usual execution of trades. Besides usual tests, various stress-tests were performed, confirming that the applied strategies can survive different market conditions;
  • although our EAs have been tested and have shown great individual results, there is no 100% guarantee of future success. It is impossible to fully predict the future, all we can do is to make educated guesses;
  • there is always a chance that drawdown might spike and surpass that from historical data;
  • as EAs waits out the losing trades, there might be situations when individual positions are being kept open for days or even weeks.

No manipulation of results.

Trading signal will be online since the very first day, therefore, there will be no unrealistic growth/drawdown ratio.

Quality of backtests.

The authors of  FX SUMO Diversified Portfolio have forward-tested this signal before offering it to the public. Results on live account are exactly the same as those on back-tests.

Risk disclaimer.

The authors of FX SUMO Diversified Portfolio are not responsible for both gains and losses of the followers. Our signal gives it's followers an opportunity to copy trading system, that has been successful in the past, however, this signal copier should be used at followers' own risk. Do not invest money that You cannot afford to lose. The authors of this signal will not be pressured or forced by law into reimbursing users' lost funds. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

For specific details or un-answered questions, You are more than welcome to join our discord channel and approach us there!