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It's not about criticism or hate. Just trying to make educated guesses about the future of over-hyped trading signals and the dumb money that decides to follow these.

"When You cant make them see the light, make them feel the heat."

Ronald Reagan


Our beloved readers, it has been more than a year since we have gone head-to-head with any particular trading signal and its owner. Well, time has come and we feel like coming back for one short moment - to put things straight with one of the most-advertised social trading signals on Telegram - Profitalto MONY ( 

What sparked this? - someone did try to come after ONE OF FX SUMO members once, he got away with it. Recently, the same shenanigans were repeated, time to end these sucker-punches and show one how to make a proper KO.

Outlook for July, 2019

Do You have the feeling that sometimes a particular story is repeating itself? Believe it or not, but we have it right now. Have we seen market going crazy and some currency breaking down? - we have. Previous articles have taught us that in these moments a large part of garbage signals goes kaboom, stables ones are struggling mildly, while new, dodgy, products grow like mushrooms after rain. So, did July brought anything new for us? - hell, no. We don't like repeating ourselves, therefore, this article will be shorther than previous ones.


Damn, a whole year has passed since our very first article. Throughout these 12 months we have put enormous efforts into sharing & defending our analytical takes, as well as raising awareness of problems surrounding forex investments in general. Contrary to the previous ones, this article will be less analytical, and more focused on our "inner-feelings" and thoughts of what's next down the road. This one will be structured as chaotic as it gets, however, maybe that's not the worst thing.:)

Outlook for June, 2019

June has passed and FX Sumo blog is getting closer and closer to its 1 year anniversary. Most probably, there will be a special "anniversary article", which will be an extensive summary of our "lessons learned" throughout this period, but that's something for another time. Meanwhile, this article will consist of the following parts:

  • valuation standards and the feedback we got from our readers;
  • extensive analysis of our own Millionaire signal and its recent struggles;
  • usual discussion of the MQL's most-subscribed trading signals and their qualities;
  • discussion of signals that our readers proposed to be analyzed;

Outlook for May, 2019

It is June already, weather is unbearabely hot, and a ton of trading signals have literally melted to the ground within the last month. The last 3 weeks have been overwhelmed with different fundamental news and shake-ups, resulting in absolutely chaotic trading conditions. Like, You know it is really ugly when You have to wait for another week to pass before releasing the damn article, as 1/3 of soon-to-be-analyzed trading signals have DD of 40+% at that particular moment. Horrible.

Outlook for April, 2019

April has passed, sun is shining brighter and brighter day-by-day, our mood is as joyful as it gets. Trading-wise, it has been a rather quiet month - these are the ones we like the most. No drama, no shenanigans, just calmly flowing down the river. This will not be the lengthiest article as there is not super-much to discuss - let's keep it short and up-to-the-point this time.:)

March Madness

Do You recall our latest 2 monthly articles (Outlook for January, 2019 Outlook for February, 2019) and the main message we delivered in both of these? - we had never observed such a weak supply of trading signals, the overall quality was unbelievably low. Well, guess what happened on March? besides Brexit shenanigans, random weather and the start of 2019 NCAA Playoffs, of-course. These "top-notch" signals blew up one after another, causing massive chaos across the MQL5. Like, each third or fourth day there was another massively popular signal that went "kaboom", that's how crazy it was.

Outlook for February, 2019

In the end of 2018 we did promise our readers to become less aggressive and behave properly. Unfortunately, this is only second article of the year, and so much stupidity has already happened. We are completely disgusted towards pretty much everything surrounding MQL5 signals, we are literally ready to storm out. Boyz, if You think You have seen FX Sumo on its edge, You haven't seen shit - the gloves are off and we are ready to enter the circle.

Outlook for January, 2019

2019 has arrived and its time for the very first monthly outlook of the year. Contrary to the previous monthly articles, this one will be very short and to the point. As always, the analysis will be built upon 25 most-subscribed MQL5 trading signals, as well as 2 of our own trading signals and 3 of those that our followers asked to analyze.

November outlook

Do You remember August? Bloody August, discussion of trading Signals? This was the time when both Twilight and Safe Dragon blew up, causing massive losses left-n-right. Well, compared to November, August was insignificant hiccup. Past 4-weeks have been absolutely crazy, leading to huge losses even for most-trusted trading signals. In times of massive turbulance, we must look for services that are still standing tall&strong, and that's what we are doing in this review.

October outlook

October has ended, Helloween has passed, yet markets continue to troll its participants left-and-right. This monthly outlook will consist of 4 parts:

  • usual comparison of 25 most-subscribed MQl5 signals, as well as 2 of our own trading signals and 3 of those that our followers asked to analyze;
  • discussion on our own Millionaire Signal;
  • discussion on Hamster EA;
  • discussion on readers' (ir)rational behaviour.

Mid-October outlook

It is just mid-October, yet so much has already taken place. FX Sumo feels that this is the moment to stop for a while, take a snapshot of the previous 2 weeks and understand what-how&why has been happening.

September - first division of signals

The month of September was dull - no other way to put it. Is it a bad thing? - well, after August's shenanigans, having a dull month is all investors could have hoped for. In this update, FX Sumo will compare AND GROUP (yeah, that's something new) MQL5's 25 most-subscribed trading signals, as well as 6 of those that our followers asked to analyze and 2 our own trading signals. Should be fun, as always.:)

Bloody August, discussion of trading Signals

The month of August has passed and it has left stream of blood behind it. This post will be quite lenghty as FX Sumo will analyze MQL5's TOP 25 most-subscribed trading signals one-by-one. After that, we will look on 4 trading signals that our followers asked to analyze, and, finally, we will review our own performance.

Twilighttrade, Safety Dragon and their "heirs"

We are very well aware that the latest update was released just a few days ago, but, hell, the last 48 hours have been extremely painful for most of MQL5's subscriber base - within 48 hours 5 of the 10 (many versions of Twilighttrade and Safety Dragon signals) most subscribed trading signals managed to blow up. What are our takeaways from all of this and how reasonable investors should react on this?

Mid-August Outlook

It is 15th of August, half of the month is already behind us, and a lot has taken place. In this rather lengthy update we will:

a)look back on July's update and re-cap what we predicted and what actually has happened since then;

b)briefly analyze current top-signals, trying to understand, which of these paper planes have the highest potential to crash;

c)provide our perspective to the hottest debate among sunbscribers - TwilightProfitEA vs Safety Dragon;

d)provide short updates to our own trading strategies.

Ours vs Top Signals in July

The month of July was quite entertaining - normally low market volatility was interruped by days of erratic price movements. This type of market behaviour caused not only inconsistent performances of the top, most subscribed, trading signals, but also negatively affected our own signals.