In the end of 2018 we did promise our readers to become less aggressive and behave properly. Unfortunately, this is only second article of the year, and so much stupidity has already happened. We are completely disgusted towards pretty much everything surrounding MQL5 signals, we are literally ready to storm out. Boyz, if You think You have seen FX Sumo on its edge, You haven't seen shit - the gloves are off and we are ready to enter the circle.

Structure of this article will be built on these blocks:

  • As always, the article will start by general analysis of 25 most-subscribed MQL5 trading signals, as well as 2 of our own and 5 of those that our readers asked to be analyzed.
  • Afterwards, we will investigate Eleni (owner of the most subscribed MQl5 signal) and her behavior in times of turbulence - if trading is not her strong-suit, communication must be, right? That's what one would expect from an individual earning as much as 100k USD per month...
  • Can it be the case that the upcoming signals are even more horrible than the army of HAMSTERs that just got torn apart? - the answer will shock You!
  • Discussion of those few MQL5 signals that actually have some potential.

More than ever, we encourage our followers and neutral observers to join our Telegram group, where trading signals are being evaluated and analyzed on daily basis: https://t.me/joinchat/Hpt7gUyosD5JZw-BFsVN3g

This month, the presented information about the analyzed signals will differ from that of previous months. From our readers we have received quite an extensive feedback, and, it turns out, most of You are displeased by the tables and extremely unreadable calculations. Visually, there are not many solutions for this, therefore, we had to overlook the material that is being presented to You all and come up with some changes.

So, is this better? - we have replaced all the numbers with straight-forward conclusions about the signals and their qualities. Yes, You still have to zoom in the table to see some particular details, but this, from our perspective, is far more easier to be read than the previous versions. Please, at the end of this article (or in our Telegram group) share Your take about this.

Effectively, the new table is divided into two parts - binary "bullshit" check based on 5 segments and deeper analysis of those signals that get through first check. As it can be easily seen in the table, the overall quality of the "TOP" signals remains pretty much garbage. Despite that, there is a light of hope - our readers in 5 tries are capable to find almost as many reasonable signals as the largest junk of MQL5 subscribers in 25 tries (3 vs 4). The fact that all 5 of additional signals were chosen by our long-time readers does warm our hearts and indicates that this blog and our educational materials could have some positive (yet, very very small) footprint in this industry that is so filled with all-around nonsense.

Although the article involves the name "February" at its headline, we must speak about turn of events that happened in the last week, first week of March. Long story short - EURUSD did crash down, most of "popular EAs" were not prepared for this, and people RE-SELLING these showed their complete lack of knowledge and non-existence of any type of money management. These 2 were the most popular users of our beloved Hamster EA, but don't be fooled - actually, tens of signals got fucked. The only reason why these 2 are still around - a full month has to pass before the maximum of those subscription fees can be squeezed out; others didn't have subs, thus, they had 0 reasons to leave those signals open. Clap to our heroes and welcome them on stage:

When we look upon these 2 dumbasses, the only question would be - in what order should we rip them apart? - well, frankly, we don't care about that Sami guy - whenever he opens up his mouth, he seems like complete lunatic, so meh... On top of that, he actually helped to develop some sort of "optimized settings" for Hamster, so at least he contributed to something. He also didn't profit from all this circus as much as Eleni, and he had actual money on the line behind his signal, so, You know what - let him get off the hook (till next time) and lets focus all our attention to that Eleni girl.

From the very first day of Eleni and her "show", FX SUMO were completely aware that the story was never about trading - it was about communication and persuading others. It was absolutely clear that she had 0 clue about the code behind the EA, as there were 4 generalized things that she could control:

  • size of TP/SL (obviously, as every other user of that particular EA);
  • money management, position sizing (never controlled; instead, bullshit about division of one's capital);
  • spread-check (she called it check for "favorable trading conditions");
  • ON/OFF button of the EA.

Wait and think - realistically, what was her added value? Out of these 4, most probably just the final point. Even with that, she became accustomed of using this button only when she became scared of jeopardizing her enormous subscription fees, it was never customers-first mentality for her. So, if trading wise there is no added value (and the fourth point is rather random guessing and nothing more), why people were willing to pay her these ridiculous sums of money?

As someone in our chat correctly stated, Eleni is not only signal provider - she is also forum administrator in MQL5. Think-think-think... It should indicate 2 things - she is good at communication and she has a clear conflict of interests with the platform. Second point is interesting, but we don't have enough inside information about the privileges of MQL5 admins; all we can say is that this definitely helped her to raise awareness of this (and other) product. We are left with communication side, right? - Well, the market already proved that the person behind HAMSTER TURBO was a shit trader; let us do out thing and prove that the same person is garbage communicator as well.

She should read this October outlook, this November outlook or that Outlook for January, 2019 where we called her idiotic services out months ago before this happened-> emm, piss the hell off, And yes - she is both stupid and fool, but let's continue.

Say what, You dumb piece of shit? Repeat this again, please. Let's recap - there are literally thousands of people out there who are not capable to trade profitably on their own and, guess what, they already know that -> that is why they look for signals, You useless sheep. These people have already lost their funds by trading on their own, that has been their "tuition", so they look for others to INVEST (not gamble, 'stupid fool') on their behalf. Yet You take on ~5m of their funds, receive ~100k on monthly basis, wash 97% of that away, and talk nonsense about "investment university"? - piss.the.hell.off.

-> lol, jokes, You are a great learner indeed...

How precisely did You adapt to these conditions? - got kicked in the face 3 times in a row, 0 reaction. Oh, no, wait, she did react -> 4th tool, ON/OFF button, that's all she has. Understanding about the EA running the show? - mjeh, no chance, she can only play around those TP/SL levels. Clap-clap-clap.

Yes, Eleni, there are parties out there hunting Your Hamster and 5m behind it. Can someone share this with that shithead?

5 trillion = 5000000 millions, 0.0001% of what she and her followers had on line. For fk sake, people, why give her 100k per month, maybe donate her more? - seems like highly intellectual creature, surely, must deserve more.

We are annoyed. Truly. FX SUMO is done talking about her, we have had enough.

We discussed Eleni, so our anger management should check back in, right? - nah, we have barely begun, this will get better.

Typically, when large signals crash, new ones raise to the task of taking over their place. After seeing what happened with these 2 whales and how quickly they exploded (-98% and -100% respectively), one would think that whoever is coming next will be better. Well, this is the place where the shit gets real ugly.

In the past, when we talked about all those Hamsters, we clearly knew what would happen with these. Not because of manipulation with results and deliberately deceiving their customers - these signals were run by inexperienced individuals with no money management (idiotic sizing of positions), that's it. Probably, all of them thought that they are providing long-lasting and high-quality service, yet, here we are. At least, they HONESTLY tried.

After crash of Hamsters, various new signals have emerged with high amount of subs. Out of all pack, 3 have gained the most from all surrounding shenanigans:

  • Currency Trading;
  • GetProfit;
  • Professor

Out of these 3, only Professor has some potential. GetProfit, on the other hand, is a typical MQl5 manipulation story with crazy trading in offline mode, then going public and reducing risks. We have seen this shit before, it will end horrible for everyone on that garbage ship, 226 followers with 500k, idiots.

What triggers us is the story about Currency Trading. Typically, we would be "just" annoyed, as we have seen it all, but this - this is something outrageous. We will tell You honestly - compared to this author, ALL users & re-sellers of Hamster were fucking Saints. FX SUMO is so driven to nail this mother-fucker-piece-of-shit behind that signal, we will fucking enjoy this. And guess what - if You, as a reader, won't share this story around, it will be a Godamn shame.

So, who is the guy behind the signal? -

This signal has been publicly available for a month, the user is not promoting this one in MQL5, and yet it has managed to gain as much as 740 subs? - something smells really-really-really wrong. In the period of being offline, the signal made a total of 300 trades in the period of 36 months; since being online, it has made more than 60 trades in the period of 6 weeks. Hmmm, shit is getting real... And this was the moment we had to do our digging and turn on our "bullshit locators" -> this is what we found: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/mql5-signals-inquiries.37889/

Well, after reading this story about THIS PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL, seeing the same nonsense repeating here AT THIS EXACT MOMENT, we have to put on our thinking hat.

Obviously, the owner of this signal is complete and absolute asshole, no questions about that. The most interesting question here is - whether his broker is involved in fabricating these results? - We would guess, yes, although impossible to prove. After reading the reviews about the broker, it is clear that this story gets shadier and shadier https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/120/www.liteforex.com

Another, highly interesting question is whether MQL5 is involved in all this shitstorm. After searching, we managed to find 2 or 3 Russian forums where this particular signal at this moment is being hyped up by individuals with different names, although name alexey never appeared there. It is quite unrealistic that a signal could raise 0 to 750 subs in MQL5 platform without any single advert made on site, so we remain very suspicious - although impossible to prove, we are quite certain that MQL5 is behind this scam and directly covering this one up, for now. Yes, readers, if Hamsters were just dumb investments, THIS IS A FUCKING SCAM. 2m of funds already backing up this stupidity, this is absolutely unreal.

For those wondering, while everyone else is hyping that shit up and leaving positive reviews, we are the first ones to cry out loudly, shouting and screaming: FUCKING SCAM, stay the fuck away or You will fucking lose all Your funds. Much fuck, but better to use the word before losing all Your funds, than after...

People, we have spent dozens of hours researching all of this, analyzing everything that is being thrown at our direction. We don't ask for much - just share this take with others and invite others to join our Telegram group (https://t.me/joinchat/Hpt7gUyosD5JZw-BFsVN3g), it's that simple and doesn't require from You more than a couple of seconds. And yes, we want more people on that group, so that we could spend even more hours helping others completely for free and sharing our views; probably, we are a bit dumb as well, but long-live the altruism.

Huge blowups in clear memory, potential new shenanigans on our road again, we must look for some hope along the road. Professor, probably, is the one of the signals out there with the highest potential. Unfortunately, we have seen this a way too often - nice systems with reasonable and well-managed TP/SL functions suffer in medium run from over-optimization (You can read here why this happens: Misjudgement of hedging, grid trading and use of SL). This individual does trade manually, but there is still specific system in place, so it doesn't matter whether trades are opened automatically or by hand -> the system can be over-optimized either way. On top of that, the total number of trades is relatively very low, therefore, it is quite impossible to draw any meaningful conclusions. 4 months are nice, but 85 trades, really? that's nothing.

Many of our readers were highly interested in a signal called Mammoth; hell, even the author of this signal joined our group and tried to spam his nonsense left-n-right (and got kicked within a few hours, dumbass).

This one is not a scam and doesn't have manipulated history, but a) the author of this one is an ass; b) the results are just not that good. Yes, the growth has been quite impressive, but the risks, damn, those risks -> similarly to Eleni, this one has 0 clue about the money management. Like, it is grid and shit, whatevs, but the position sizing is just straight up dumb:

At the end of the February the signal experienced 200 pip move on GBPUSD, opened stupid amounts of positions and experienced 27% DD -> guess what, additional 100-130 moves, and with that position sizing and additional trades, the signal would have blown up. Experiencing 27% of DD is quite shit, we know that as we experienced this on Millionaire Signal at the start of last year's November -> paused trading immediately to figure this one out. The author of this signal has no willingness to do that - have experienced DD close to 25% couple of times, however, if someone thinks that its just some miracle level that will hold in long-run-> nop, not really. 25% yesterday, blowup tomorrow can very easily be the case here. On top of that, 188 USD per subscription? emmm, no fucking way, we are not entirely sure he should receive even 30 USD from someone.

Our own Millionaire Signal is still facing inefficiency problems. The trading has not been as smooth as we would like and some of newly added algos have not been as successful as previously expected. Despite all shenanigans, 7th month in a row has ended with a positive result. Most probably, at the end of March FX SUMO will look into performance of various individual strategies and will have to decide whether any of these should be left out from the portfolio. All in all, we remain positive about our performance and future prospects - its far more easier to deal with inefficiency problems than with money management problems.

We feel that it is extremely important that our readers give their feedback for our material. We encourage You to analyze and criticize our findings, as well as actively engage in these discussions. Share FX SUMO analytical/educational articles and raise the level of critical-thinking for Yourself, as well as the overall community. More than ever we have to look-past all the fog to see the real picture; the list of analyzed signals is as criminal as it gets -> this has to change ASAP, otherwise, new stories of lost money will be unfolded very very soon.

Best of luck,

FX Sumo