2019 has arrived and its time for the very first monthly outlook of the year. Contrary to the previous monthly articles, this one will be very short and to the point. As always, the analysis will be built upon 25 most-subscribed MQL5 trading signals, as well as 2 of our own trading signals and 3 of those that our followers asked to analyze.

FX SUMO has been providing these monthly articles for more than 7 months, and, frankly, we have never seen such a weak proposal of trading signals. Some of our readers have questioned the rationale behind coming up with an educational article 1 day before monthly report; from our perspective, this educational article (The average MQL5 trading signal and its subscriber) explains in detail why the current situation in MQL5 platform is what it is. As with other articles. we have tried to remain as objective as possible, but if we tell You that the current supply in the whole signals' market is horrible, trust us - that' s the case.

More than ever, we encourage our followers and neutral observers to join our Telegram group, where trading signals are being evaluated and analyzed on daily basis: https://t.me/joinchat/Hpt7gUyosD5JZw-BFsVN3g

Here is the full-list of analyzed signals:

Sorry for the pictures, tried to make them as large as possible -> try zooming in, that should help.

Out of all these high-passive-income earning signals, only 5 are somewhat decent? - is this a godamn joke? Previously, we did break down the most disgusting manipulation cases with trading results, but You know what? - this list is so full of nonsense, it would require twice the time it took us before. Absolutely horrible. Out of the 7 most-subbed signals, 1 is free (so it doesn't count) and 5 are different versions of Hamster EA - tell us, are You for real? Like, what's here to analyze? Have talked about this bullshitery again and again, yet here we are...

Usually, we did present some interesting case(s) and analyzed that in more detail. This time around, FX SUMO used our resources and dig-up some nonsense about one of most-hottest (oh, this will be fun) current signal providers out there - ms. Eleni Anna Branou.

Do You remember this message from our beloved Eleni?

As we said in our Telegram channel, we have our own channels of bullshitery and this is what we found:

Contrary to MQL5, in this platform signal providers have to prove their personality with ID documents, thus, here You cannot pretend to be someone else.

So, wait, You need to pretend to be a women, in order to increase Your influence and popularity? What type of nonsense is this? - And are we being sexists for bringing this up?

Some of our readers and her (his?something in between?) followers have stated that they don't care whose the person behind the signal as long as its performance doesn't decline. Well, we disagree - this industry and investments in general are all about trust -> somehow, this particular individual is not willing to risk unfolding his personality, yet, he feels entitled to receive as much as 60k in subscription fees and manage a whole total of 4m funds. Similarly to TWILIGHT signal and personality behind that signal, most of current "Eleni's" subs falsely feel more secure a women managing their money.

Let' s recap - all those Hamster Signals are based on extremely dangerous EA and these are being managed by the women with a cock -> this will definitely end well for You all.

After this crazy story, it will be hard to get back to the actual analysis, but let' s try to do that. Remember the 6 signals that were not colored? - well, we looked more deeply in those:

The legend for these was not based on relative signals' comparison versus each other, but rather general perception of what is expected from a successful trading signal:

Are any of these 6 signals perfect and have all the needed invest-able qualities? - definitely not, each has its own cons and pros. But You know what - these 6 are head and shoulders above everything else currently available to You...

For some, the biggest surprise of these 6 could be annaflat2 trading signal, which we have criticized quite a lot in recent articles. When analyzing this signal, we had to take into consideration that the drawdown and deposit load has been significantly reduced in the last couple of months. When the signal started, it immediately run into significant DD problems; for the last 3 months, this signal has been very durable. It is not entirely clear whether the position sizing has been reduced or this blondie has been pure lucky, but for now this one is among 6 lesser-evils out there.

For our own Millionaire Signal (Millionare Signal), the very first month of the 2019 has been less impressive than predicted. Not all of the added strategies have generated profits, thus, growth/DD ratio stayed below 1. Till the very end of the month FX SUMO was not sure whether the signal would end the month positively, however, the last 3 days covered all the losses previously generated. Hopefully, the following months will be as positive as this last week.

We feel that it is extremely important that our readers give their feedback for our material. We encourage You to analyze and criticize our findings, as well as actively engage in these discussions. Share FX SUMO analytical/educational articles and raise the level of critical-thinking for Yourself, as well as the overall community. More than ever we have to look-past all the fog to see the real picture; the list of analyzed signals is as criminal as it gets -> this has to change ASAP, otherwise, new stories of lost money will be unfolded very very soon.

Best of luck,

FX Sumo